Book Addict

Hi!  My name is Kim, and I have been, am, and probably always will be, a book addict.  This is no joke.  I can go days or weeks without reading anything other than the labels at the grocery store.  Then, I get a new book!  I have to look at my calendar to see what days my family really won’t need me all that much.  Because…I must read that book till it is FINISHED!  A book binger.   I fall face first into the book.  Fantasy becomes reality and reality is a drag.  I HAVE to finish the book.

So, now that I am no longer single and others depend on me for food, clean clothes and some margin of conversation, I am trying to change my reading style to read “Good” books.  No action, can be put down at any time and picked up later with no gaps.  But, not boring and stupid.  I thought I would share some of my finds with you.


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  1. Amy

    This is great and I love it all!

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