Pyo-chan no Okaasan doko? by Iriyama Satoshi

This book is in Japanese, but is SOOOO SOOO cute, I really wish they would translate it.  I do “read” it to my daughter in English, but the Japanese way of saying things is just so much cuter. 

For example, the little chick has found a four leaf clover and wants to show it to her Mama.  But, Mama is nowhere to be found.  Then she sees something that looks like her Mama’s cute red hat (comb), but it is a red flower instead.  She sees something else that looks like her Mama’s bun’s (tail) feathers, but it is the wing of an old crow.

Anyway, it is so cute that I keep taking it away from my daughter.  I don’t want it to get loved to pieces just yet.

The author has written 28 books and about half are about Pyo-chan.  Perhaps I’ll get another one for Jun and keep this one for myself!


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