Pajama Time! by Sandra Boynton

This lovely board book was another gift from the twins and big sister in the States.  Just because SLEEP has become the second most important thing in my life over the past year or so, is not the only reason I love this book.  (The first most important thing changes at quick intervals.)

I like this book because of the resounding message – it doesn’t matter what kind of pajamas you wear- we can ALL Pajammy together in whatever we’ve got.

I don’t know how inclusive I really and truly am.  But, I know that as a kid growing up, I often felt on the outside of the included circle.  (The more blogs I read the more I wonder if there really was an included circle, but, I digress.)  So, I really want my little girl to not judge nor be judged by outside appearances.  I want her to look at the heart of each person.  The Bible says everyone was made in God’s image, regardless of what condition their pajamas are in now.  That’s what I mean by inclusive. 


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