Kitayo Kitayo by Natsuko Gonmori

First of all, this is not a book that I think you will ever see if you are not in Japan.  You may never see it if you live here either, but, then again, you may own it.  What do I know?  It could be a best seller.

But, as I don’t think it is, I will tell you the story here.

Two big yellow flowers are the main characters.  As they sit there, a little blue butterfly comes by, rests on one of the flowers and drinks the nectar from the flower.  Next a large yellow and black butterfly comes up.  The blue butterfly flies away and the big one sips on the nectar.  Then a honey bee flies up and drinks the nectar as the big butttterfly flies away.

When the honey bee flies away, the flowers are left sitting there all alone wondering if anyone else will come to see them.  Then, the little blue butterfly comes back!  Followed by all the other insects and some new ones to boot!

The flowers are not roses or other nice smelling flowers.  The two yellow blossoms are dandelions!  That’s why I like this book.


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  1. You should check out sometime.

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