I Love You Through and Through by Rossetti-Shustak

I chose to use this book for Jun and my new Toddler and Mama class, for the two months we will be teaching the names of body parts.

Ryu and I bought it for Jun’s six month birthday.  It brought tears to my eyes as I read it through in the store.

I have been teaching kids classes for a long time.  One little boy and his Mama live in our building, so we play a lot and talk a lot outside of class as well.  She once told me how lucky I was because I could tell her little guy I loved him (in English).  She said that she wants to be able to tell him this, but it just isn’t natural to say in Japanese.

So, that’s why I chose this book to share with the Japanese Mama’s.  Yes, it teaches the words for hair and toes, walking and talking.  But, it most importantly uses the words “I LOVE…” over and over. 

I really hope the Mama’s and kids come away a tad bit closer through using this book.


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