Toddler Play by Dr. Wendy S. Masi

While browsing through a bookstore this spring, Misty, Mama to three toddlers including twins born on Jun’s birthday, recommended this book.  I got it and started flipping through it as soon as we got back to the hotel.  Before I knew it, Jun had taken over possession of it.  We have folded over the corners of her favorite songs so we can find them quickly.  There are lots of activities other than songs, but, so far, I have mostly used the songs. 

I have simplified some of the songs for my Toddler’s class too.  I like it that they are all to familiar tunes!  Being somewhat musically challenged, I appreciate that a lot!  It makes it easier for my Mama’s in class to remember them too.

The book is broken down into age groups also, which is convenient as your Toddler grows up.  Well, I’d tell you more about the book, but Jun noticed I had it out, and has absconded with it again and is singing the train song somewhere behind me!


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