Doggies by Sandra Boynton

When I first (or second) lived in Japan, I was walking down a very narrow pathway between houses to get to church.  I met a DOG!  A yapping dog.  I spoke to that dog in English.  That dog did not understand English, and was not impressed that I could speak it.  I thought, “Even the dogs understand more Japanese than I do!”

If I had only had this book, I would have done fine, I’m sure!

This was Jun’s first “dog” book.  This dog book teaches 10 different barking voices for dogs.  Ten.  Did you understand that?  10!  And Jun memorized quite a bit of the book, so we could have it even when we were out and about.  One of the dogs voices is even a whine.  Add those 10 voices to Japanese’s wan wan.  Well…  I think we can communicate with any dog we come into contact with.

As always, Sandra Boynton books are a big hit with us!  Bow wow wow!


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