Go, Dog. Go! by P. D. Eastman

Jun’s fascination with dogs is growing, so I decided to raid my stash of English kids books and see if she was ready for my prized “Go, Dog. Go!”  I remember this book as a child.  I loved the trees.  Do you know what kind of trees they are????  The book is 64 pages long.  I didn’t think it would keep Jun’s attention for long, but … it did!  We had to read it again.  Not too many words on each page – thankfully!

Soon after our reading marathon I asked Jun if she liked corn flakes.  “I do not!” she replied, shoving them in her mouth.  If you have read Go, Dog! Go! you may remember the conversation repeated throughout:  “Do you like my hat?”  “I do not!”  Well, what do you know!?!

There was only one caveat for Jun.  Don’t tell anyone, BUT – the dogs don’t have any clothes on!  LOL!


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