Meet The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper

What can I say???  I love this book!  Growing up, we had the full version and I loved each page of it.  Especially the phrase “I think I can!”

I wanted to share the message of “I think I can!” with the Mamas and Kids in my Toddler’s class.  However, the full story would have been more than the Mamas would have been able to learn to read to their kiddos.  So, I searched and searched and searched. 

This particular book is a Beginning Reader’s version.  Not many words, same cute pictures, and “I think I can!” nicely repeated.  Of course, when I read it aloud, I multiply the times we shout “I think I can!” while bouncing up and down, to my heart’s content.

So, this is not the full story – but it is great for ESL.  Give it a try.  This particular book has another story about the Little Engine and a Hippo.  Hmmm.  We won’t use that one in class, though, if you have a child, they may enjoy it too.


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