December 2008 Book Give Away

I was so happy to send books out to two readers last month.  Just think how happy we would all have been if I had gotten the right box of books to the right person!!!!  Yep, between the post office lady and myself, we managed to send Nagano’s books to Hyogo, and vice versa!  Thanks to the kindness of both readers, they read each other’s books and will soon be sending them on to each other!

I will try to do better this time around!  I will be sending these books out the first of January, but wanted to give you a chance to look at the list before I took off for Christmas vacation.

Three Requirements:

  1. You love books
  2. You live in Japan
  3. You don’t mind paying COD charges.  (I found you can get quite a few books in a box for 800-900 yen COD.)

Leave a comment in the Comments, and send me an e-mail at with your snail mail address. 

Click the links – ( to look at the books.

Here are December’s books:

  1. One-Way to Ansonia (PB) ISBN 0-425-08880-4 GONE
  2. Praying God’s Will for my Marriage (PB) ISBN 0-8407-9223-9
  3. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (PB) ISBN 4-89684-515-3
  4. An American Childhood (PB) ISBN 0-06-091518-8 GONE
  5. Murder in Three Acts (PB) 0-425-09041-8
  6. Surrender (PB) ISBN 0-8024-1280-7
  7. Pollyanna (PB) ISBN 978-1-85326-145-9 GONE
  8. The Three Musketeers (PB) ISBN 0-14-044025-9
  9. Shame and Grace(HB) ISBN 0-06-067521-7
  10. American Tall Tales(HB)  Old library copy (1952) GONE


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4 responses to “December 2008 Book Give Away

  1. Abigaila

    Oooh, oooh, can I have Pollyanna, One Way to Ansonia, An American Childhood, and American Tall Tales? I’ll be happy to send them along to anyone else who wants them when I’m finished! Thanks!

  2. Abigaila

    I’m your new friend, Abigaila. Nice to meet you.

    Whoops. Must be tired.

  3. Abigaila – I was wondering if you had Italian roots. Sounded Italianish to me! Maybe I can get them off before I leave!!!

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