February 2009 Book Give Away!

Hi, everyone!  I’ve got another list of books to give away.  If you check out the December list, there are still some left that I will take to donate to the library next week, so you still have some time to grab them!

Just three requests:

  1. You like books!  HAHAHA!
  2. You live in Japan
  3. You don’t mind paying the shipping cost.  Usually 800-900 yen for a box of 5-6 books.  Probably less for fewer!


  1. The Black Mountain by Rex Stout (PB) Nero Wolf series.  Old copy.
  2. The Cat Who Saw Stars by Lilian Jackson Braun (PB)  ISBN 0-515-12739-6
  3. Dead Heatby Dick Francis (PB) (I paid $14 USD at the airport for this!!!!!!!!  CRAZY!)
  4. Crooked House by Agatha Christie (old PB)
  5. Lake Newsby Barbara Delinsky (PB) ISBN 0-671-03619-X
  6. Miss Bianca and the Bridesmaidby Margery Sharp (HB)  Old library copy
  7. The Case for Christby Lee Strobel (PB) ISBN 0-310-20930-7
  8. A Season for Simplicityby Donny Finley (Gift book in ENglish) ISBN 0-7369-0108-6
  9. Forgive and Forgetby Lewis B. Smedes (PB)
  10. The Comfort of Rest and Reassuranceby Roy Lessin (HB) ISBN 1-59310-653-X

Leave a comment if you would like any of these books.   You can send me your snail mail address at kimsbookshelf@yahoo.com, for confidentiality!  Let your Expat/English reading friends know too, yeah?


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