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The Great Turkey Walk by Kathleen Karr

This book is absolutely marvelous.  So marvelous that, even though it is a “youth” book, they have published it in Large Print for those of us that are no longer young in years.  I read it in one evening.  And it was DELIGHTFUL.  The lessons encapsulated in this easy read are ones I want my daughter to learn.  For example, all people are treated with dignity and respect.  Each person has a talent that contributes to the group as a whole.  Unlikely people are given big chances – and they more than rise to the occasion.  It also portrays family and love by relationships, not blood ties.

And, it takes place in the USA when, as it says on the back, animals were brought to market on their own hooves or claws.  I’d never heard of a turkey drive before.

It’s a great book!  I’m trying to get Jun interested in it (she’s almost 8) as a “listen while Mama reads book.”  I hope I’m successful!



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