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A Mother For Choco by Keiko Kasza

Imagine my surprise when I read this book that is quite oriented towards adoptive and blended families and realized the author was Japanese – where neither adoptive nor blended families are the norm!  To be fair, she has lived in the US for years, but…I still take my hat off to her for writing such a sensitive and helpful book.

This is the story of a little yellow bird named Choco. He is in desperate want for a mother. He looks and looks for a mother who has some of the same physical characteristics as himself. But he is sorely disappointed when they all prove not to be his mother. The mother who finds him is a mother in the true sense of the word.

I was very touched by A Mother for Choco.  Obviously, my little Japanese Jun Bug and I look nothing at all alike, physically. So, I was so happy that I could reinforce our mother/child link through this book. Jun, on the other hand saw nothing at all unusual about the “real” mother becoming Choco’s mother, and doesn’t seem to yet see our physical differences. It made me laugh!


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