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Super Simple Songs by Knock Knock English

Knock Knock English has produced three Super Simple Songs music CD’s and one phonics CD that are just awesome for Early Learners – whose original language is Japanese or English.

We have been using Super Simple Songs 1 and 3 for the past few months at home and in Toddler’s Class.  The producers of these CD’s have two different approaches to the songs included. 

They simplify songs that are already out there.  For example –

If You Are Happy

And they slow them down.  My Toddler’s Mamas were so  happy that they could finally catch the words to Old McDonald on SSS CD #3.

Or they create original tunes to teach those basics such as colors, numbers, etc. in fun and easy ways.  Lots of repetition, simple tunes, and essential vocabulary.

Jun has picked up many songs just from listening to the CD’s.  With no help from me!  I was shocked!

We just got CD #2 and the Phonics CD and accompanying book.  Jun went bed the other night singing “a  a  a  a  apple.”  I think we will be just as pleased with these CD’s as we are with #1 and #3!

Check out their Website at the link above.  They have many helps, samples of the music, videos of the songs, teacher hints, and more on their website.  They are a Tokyo based school and the service is REALLY good.  I get the CD’s the next day (I’m in Saitama).  They also sell overseas, so don’t hesitate to check them out.  They take PayPal too!


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