I got a bunch of great books for Christmas and wanted to write a brief summary.  Most were new authors – to me – with new Main Characters.

Author:  Anne George

Main Characters:  Southern Sisters (Sister and Mouse)

I enjoyed these Southern Sisters.  The genteel south mixed with humour and dinners watching TV

Books Read:  Murder on a Girl’s Night Out

Author:  Donna Andrews

Main Character:  Meg Langslow

Meg about wore me out as she planned three weddings at one time.  I enjoyed her humour and her co-main guy, Michael.  Wonder if she “stars” in any more books.

Books Read:  Murder With Peacocks

Author:  Dianne Day

Main Character:  Fremont Jones

I liked Fremont because she is a “rebel” in the early 1900’s.  I also loved the Californian history in the books.

Books Read:  The Bohemian Murders, Fire and Fog

Author:  Dorothy Gilman

Main Character:  Mrs. Pollifax

I like Mrs. Pollifax books.  Not too deep, not dumb.  I can read them without thinking.  Sometimes that is necessary.

Books Read:  Mrs. Pollifax Unveiled

Author:  Lilian Jackson Braun

Main Character:  Jim Qwilleran

Jim is a reporter and writer and rich.  His stories are also an easy and comfortable read.  Not too much action, which is nice and relaxing after a long day.  I can always count on him for a quality book also.

Books Read:  The Cat Who Lived High

Author:  Susan Kandel

Main Character:  Cece Caruso

Single woman with determination.

Books Read:  I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason


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